Financial Structuring / Strategy Report

Preparation of the strategy report includes the following services.

  • Providing advice and consultancy services in the preparation of the company’s medium and long term business plans and strategies
  • Conducting the company’s SWOT analysis, determining the corporate action points that need to be protected and strengthened, and providing advice and consultancy services on the implementation of corporate governance principles.
  • Establishing the reporting standards
  • Constructing and Follow-Up KPI’s
  • The strategy report does not only determine the value of the company; What the bosses earned in return for the capital they have put in the company to date are analyzed, customer and supply operations, financial strength and success tests, product-service-channel based profitability, working capital, risks and potentials of the company are analyzed. Factors that increase and decrease the company value are put forward. The organization and personnel structure of the company is analyzed. While analyzing the sector, competitors and legal regulations, the most suitable solutions are tried to be offered for the company.
  • Upon request, the value of the company and, if necessary, the brand is determined for the founding partner. Thanks to the report, partners can see the range in which the company’s value fluctuates under current conditions.

Financial restructuring / Strategy report is prepared in Turkish and in English upon request and can be used for the firm to obtain financing from domestic and foreign banks if necessary.

The time required for the preparation of the financial structuring / strategy report varies according to the organizational structure of the company, its size and the sector in which it operates, but it covers an average of 6 months to 1 year.

We provide Financial Restructuring Services and prepare Strategy Reports with our team of professionals with 20 years of experience, both theoretical and practical.