Our company is established in Istanbul and company partners and employees have 20 years of experience in capital markets and real sector. Our team have not only made 13 public offerings in capital markets, but also carried out due diligence in merger and acquisition projects size of 300 million Euros. While over 500 company and brand valuations were done by the team, our team has contributed to the building of the Turkish Valuation Standards.

Financial and organizational restructuring projects have been worked on in nearly 20 projects for different companies preparing to public offering or block share sales. Our team, which takes part in many projects such as bond-sukuk issuance of companies, transformation of the risk capital and REIT, and capital raise, has determined its mission to provide value maximization to its business partners and customers.


The services we can provide within the scope of corporate finance are as follows;

Company & Brand Valuation


M & A

Bond & Lease Certificate

Financial Trainings

Our Mission

To provide value maximization to its business partners with a team of professionals having 20 years of both of theoretical and practical experience in financial markets, Initial Public Offering (IPO), merger and acquisitions, spin off, brand valuation, bond and lease certificate issuance, liquidity provider, REIT transformation, hedge mechanisms, providing strategic/financial partners and pre-IPO financial restructuring …

13 IPOs Size Of 300 Million TL

25 Mergers & Acquisitions Projects Size Of 200 Million Euros

Companies and Brands Valuation

Companies Financial Restructuring