Brand Valuation

What is a brand?

Brand; It is defined as “the name, symbol, term, sign or pattern or a combination of these that are used to describe the products or services of a vendor or group of vendors and to distinguish them from their competitors.

What does the brand valuation mean?

Brand valuation can be performed for different purposes such as selling or purchasing the brand, giving a guarantee, showing the real balance sheet value and determining the correct company value, measuring the effect of the brand value on the performance, determining the net asset value according to the market value for the company in technical bankruptcy, and determining the marketing premium.

The following services are provided within the scope of brand valuation.

  • Cost-Based Brand Valuation
  • Brand Valuation According to the Method of Getting Rid of Name Rights
  • Brand Valuation According to the Price Premium Method
  • Brand Valuation According to Financial Ratios Method
  • Brand Valuation Report
  • Determination of Factors That Increase Brand Value
The completion of the brand valuation varies between 1-3 months, depending on the supply process of the requested data.
We provide Brand Valuation Service with our team of professionals with 20 years of experience, both theoretical and practical.