Company Mergers / Divisions

What des merges and division mean?


A merger occurs when a company becomes a single legal entity by merging with another company, including its own affiliate, its own partner, and a company that is a related party.

Separation of some operational units of a company in such a way as to create a new legal entity is also called division.

Economic value added such as achieving optimum company structure, increasing efficiency, and benefiting from tax advantages can be created after merger and division..

The following services are provided within the scope of company mergers and divisions.


  • Conducting relations with the Trade Registry Office, coordination of the equity finding report prepared by CPA (Certified public accountant)
  • Preparing expert report that will serve as a reference for the merger ratio.
The time required for merger and demerger transactions varies according to the organizational structure, size and sector of the company, on average, it takes between 6 months and 1 year.
With our team of professionals with 20 years of experience both theoretical and practical. We provide consultancy services in the Merger & Divisions Processws.