Capital Increase

What does capital increase mean?

Capital increase is the process of improving the financial position of the company in return for external resources and increasing the capital by distributing shares for the financing of new projects.

  • The transaction can be carried out with or without public offering
  • In paid capital increases of publicly held companies, share sales to be made without public offering can be made in two ways, namely, private placement and sales to qualified investors.
  • All partners are given the right to purchase new shares in capital increases through public offering.
  • In capital increase, the rights to buy new shares are partially or completely restricted in order to sell the shares without public offering.

Following services are provided within the scope of paid capital increase.

  • Coordination of the CMB process from the decision of the board of directors
  • Preparation of prospectus if paid capital increase is done via public offering
  • Realization of capital increase and registration of new capital

The time required for the process can vary between 2-3 months.
With our team of professionals with 20 years of experience, we provide consultancy services in the Paid Capital Increase Process of Public Companies, both theoretical and practical.