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Find out the value of your company and maximize it.

We are at your service with our staff serving 500 companies in valuation, public offering and M&A issues.


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Find out the value of your company, compare it with your competitors, reveal your risks.


Our CMB licensed team, which is an expert in company valuation and has prepared valuation reports for more than 500 companies so far, presents the factors that increase the company and brand value to the Management in a report. Along with the sensitivity analysis, the analysis of the competitors and the sector is also shared.

Initial Public Offering

With our team that has previously worked in the structuring projects of 13 companies, we are structuring the companies that are not open to the public and not designed according to the investor’s point of view, either as an organizational structure or as an subsidiary and shareholder structure, in order to increase the institutionalization of the investors and to perceive the companies more accurately and positively. After restructuring, the public offering process is managed with official institutions.


Within the scope of the consultancy services we provide on the buyer or seller side, we provide services of “Due Diligence” and company valuation, preparation of the company introductory information memorandum, determination of potential investors, management of the data room process, examination of the share purchase agreement and the closing process.


We provide financial modeling, valuation, merger and acquisition processes, Capital Market Legislation and Excel trainings.

Our Aim

Determining the value of companies and planning actions that maximize them

Preparing companies for public offerings and ensuring the realization of an optimum structure.

Providing financial / strategic partners by providing consultancy in the M&A processes of companies

About Us

Our company is established in Istanbul and company partners and employees have 20 years of experience in capital markets and real sector. Our team have not only made 13 public offerings in capital markets, but also carried out due diligence in merger and acquisition projects size of 300 million Euros. While over 500 company and brand valuations were done by the team, our team has contributed to the building of the Turkish Valuation Standards.


Şirketinizin değerini öğrenin, rakipleriniz ile kıyaslayın, risklerinizi ortaya çıkarın Şirket değerleme denince akla sadece bir şirketin el değiştirme fiyatı veya Borsa’daki hedef fiyatı akla gelmemelidir. Değerleme, her anlamda şirketin görünümünü verir. Şirketin faaliyetlerinin değeri, faaliyet dışında varlıkları, iştirakleri, ilgili davalar, markalar, döviz pozisyonu, sektördeki gelişmeler, ülkede yaşanan riskler vb. tüm parametreler şirketin değerine dahildir.

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